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ITALIAN FUSION PHOTOGRAPHED Recipe: chicken breast with artichokes in the basket .

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PREPARATION: "school of cuisine"

cut the chicken breast to small cubes

fry slightly the chicken with garlic and 3 tablespoons of olive oil

as soon as browned add crumbled bread and cook stirring often

while it is cooking cleanse the artichokes

rinse in water with lemon juice, cleanse and chop the scallion. Remove the chicken from heat.

fry slightly the the artichokes and the scallion

while they are frying prepare the baskets: cut the fillo dough to 2 layers and overlap

insert in a bowl suitable for the microwaves oven and settle well the edges. Cook at high power for 2 minutes, one at time
pull out gently: they are delicate! let them cool

at the time of serving add the chicken to the artichokes, salt and dress with parsley

then stuff the baskets. Garnish and serve

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