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This site is a journey trough the taste:  the taste of many countries by now, and in the future, we hope, of all the countries of the world, by visiting traditional, modern and fusion recipes.     

The food is an emotion,  in fact the emotions connected with the smell and the taste are among the first that a human being experiences: for this reason a good food will be always one of the most gratifying moments of the day.

Each flavour, smell resume in itself memories, sensations, that are basic for deciding if it is good for us: think to those dishes whose taste remember your childhood. Maybe nowadays they are not so good, but you eat them gladly as they activate nice memories. Then there are dishes tasting of success, as we connect  them with moments of particular celebrations or events, of cuddles due to the fact that somebody cook them for making us happy, of “Christmas”…

Generally we contact the cuisines of other cultures when we travel, both for holydays and work, and an important experience of our travel will be also the food. For me for instance the vanilla "smells" of Comores Islands, place with a great production, and is connected to the the emotion of diving with the whales, while the pine apple juice is connected with Bhutan, as it was just there that I have been drinking it for the first time…

Travelled back home it happens to be "hungry" of Greece, India, Mexico…we wish revive a little that experience. So we can go to a restaurant or try ourselves.

Being always a fan of cuisine, during my travels I have always collected books of recipes and cooking tools from many parts of the world, and I had the chance to learn from professional cooks, or from good home cookers, preparing many non Italian dishes

But coming back home there is a problem: to find the ingredients! Some are available in the “ethnic” (…bad word!)  shops, other in the supermarkets, other on internet…but other are not available. Then rise fusion recipes: they are recipes inspired by a specific culture, but modified for cooking them in Italy. Sometime the result is good, and you can find them here, sometime not…then we trash!

Other fusion recipes are the result of a more creative cuisine: after having made practice with an ingredient I think : “what will happen if…” The start point is always a spice, like the curry powder, a fruit, a preparation like the cuscus, a rice kind or the coco milk, but also the abnormal zucchinis production of my garden that makes me troubled with the problem “How can I cook them in some different manner?”.

The challenge is to try new dishes, diverging from known tastes. Our suggestion is to experience at first the ingredient trough the traditional recipes (if it became traditional it means that many people liked it…). In this manner we learn how it works while cooking, which flavour and smell it combines with, which images it evokes: at this point let your fantasy produce!

The first ones which try the results of these tests are the relatives and the friends, which in our situation are widespread all over the world: if they like we pass to the “photographed cooking”, for making clear all the steps: we know, an image is better than  thousands of words! The picture here on the right is not too nice... as I had photographed the photographer during a nice dinner.

We invite you to share this experience: mail your recipes to Not only the fusion recipes, but also the traditional of your country . If you want to tell the recipe history or your emotion connected with it also better!

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